The Pain of Rejection..

Isn’t it lovely? The feeling of immediate rejection.

I only got as far to tell you how I feel. And the second I stop to catch my breath … you stole it from me

You took the air right out of my lungs and threw the harsh feeling of a crushed throat at me. I was speechless. Speechless…speechless because you took something of mine that had endured quite the beating in the past, and have it the final kick it needed. The cherry on the top. The icing on the cake. My heart has gained another crack. 

Now, I’m not going to sit here and give the lecture of a broken heart. A shattered heart. No.  That story has yet to be written in my book. For as naive as I am, I know I have yet to undergo the true pain of a broken heart. Yes, I have been hurt but that was bound to happen. For I am human.

I don’t know about you dear reader but the pain (physical, mental, emotional…) is just a reminder that I am still alive. That I have somewhat control in what goes on in my life. Some people believe that we have full and complete control of our destiny, of our fate, our future. Though we may have the control of the steps/decisions we take/make to get there, there will always be someone on the tier above of you. There will always be someone who is better than you no matter what the task may be. But that’s just life. The same thing applies to love. You are giving your heart to someone. Strings attached or not, the second you develop that crush you are giving them the ropes. All you’re waiting for now is a tug on the heartstrings

Sometimes it’s hard to look out for yourself. There are so many things out there that we want some of us don’t realize the downsides of it. The symptoms of the medication. Some of us just don’t care. As long as we get what we want we’re happy right? Yes, I am as happy as my mother on New Year’s Eve. New year new me? I think not. New year same me. Just as open to another heartache as I was last year.

Though I may have recently gone through my first rejection, I know it certainly won’t be the last.


Three gratitudes: (things I’m grateful for)

  1. Positive thinking
  2. Patience
  3. Nail Polish

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