Dear public,

Lately my life seems to be one injury after another. Let’s start at the beginning though. I was at the other martial arts class that my mom wants me to go to. I was being awesome, beating my brother, as usual. Then as I went to take him down to get his back I cracked my head really hard on the mat. The world started going fuzzy and I started to slightly see double. I kept going though because I imagine that would be what my coach would tell me to do. Don’t worry I’m fine now but my parents think I have a minor concussion. I’m still going to my martial arts classes but I’m going to take it easy. I don’t need any advice, my parents are there for that. I just hope I’ll be better by the competition. That’s all I’m worried about. Well, that and a Halloween party I’m going to. I hope it doesn’t overlap the competition. I think this year I’ll be Ursula for Halloween.



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