Tuesday October 3rd

I am at school. It’s 8:03am. The crazy woman is not here yet, or at least I haven’t seen her. I expect to hear from Winburn today about the job. I brought my letter of resignation with me to hand in if that happens. I am very unsure about going back. I guess it’s just what I need to do. I know I am hoping against hope that Brent is going to give me a chance. I know that is completely stupid, but I can’t help it. I don’t think I will ever be able to give up on that dream. I really hope my movers can come the first of the 3 day window so that I can get down there and get a car before I have to start working. If they pick up on the last day, that will mean a rough trip for Sophie and me. We will have to load up and get out whenever they get done. I haven’t even checked on a rental car for that date yet since I don’t know the date. I am supposed to hear from the townhouse people this week. Once I know for sure where I’m moving, I will call the moving company to give them the address and find out when I will know the exact pickup date. 

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