Worse bf ever…

Wow… it’s been a while that I have not wrote anything on here. Lately didn’t happen much. But something had happen is about my relationship with someone.

How I meet him was from the Library program. I am not going to name him because respecting his identity, so he never been in a relationship. Basically he have no experience of dating. Back in Nov 16, 2015 he had asked me out. Long story short it was off and on. And had even took a break from this relationship.

Beginning of this year he have ask me out again which is Jan 19, 2017…. we got back together everything felt great and going well. After dating 3 month I feel that things have dropped because he don’t text me much and I was texting him more than ever. So basically it was not balance anymore. When it comes to relationship there should be talk/text everyday it does not matter of busy because relationship is consider a job. But none of that have happen. All he likes was see each other a lot. I feel that he still don’t understand of being in a relationship is like. I know seeing each other is great but still need to connect with each other everyday by phone or text since we don’t live together. As months gone by I felt that I was putting most of my effort into this relationship since I always go to him and he never seem to think of me am I tired going to him. I know that I should not keep it in but it don’t matter… if it being said out sooner it will have an argument anyways. I just kept it in. 

Last Thurs we supposed to have a lunch date and as I was waiting for the L line for the metro train I was getting piss because I am so tired and so on. Then the train have delay. When the L finally came I had cool down. As I got to his place he change the plan which is just want to cuddle and skip lunch date. After that I got more pissed because he always say he will treat me to lunch and then change the date plan. That is F***ked up. I was totally looking up to that date. As I was being pissed I finally spoked out of that I tooked the bus to get here and why he never meet me half way. And bam argument. For the past few days he been ignoring me…. he really need to be more mature. Ignoring me is not good at all… it shows me that he is not brave to handle an argument. What was even more F***ked is he compared me to his friend that keep things in as well. 

OH yea he never put me in the priority. Since he is a gamer he always play games and chat with his friends more than me. Every effort I had put in this relationship is coming to the end. What is the point of putting effort in a relationship when that person don’t put effort… 

I am just having a bad luck of having a relationship like this. Honestly he is the first guy that shows a girl side, selfishness, stubborn, clueless… also he never show interest. Dating a Cancer guy is no joke. Hahaha. Hate to say this but Cancer and Scorpio does not mix. I think it didn’t mix because we don’t have much similarity. Most we have are differences. He is a gamer, I am not. He don’t like texting, I like to go with new and old. He don’t like to talk on the phone, I do… and many more we are different.

I can’t do anything to speak to him since he is being a girl and ignoring my text.

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