Private Life of a House of Five (Xemera) First!

First thing’s first it’s a miracle that we even got to do this. The oldest and one in charge of the household is a private person and hasn’t let anyone in the house do anything involving technology until now. I can’t give out our real names, location, or ages, so we will each be using a fake name and I can tell you that we are all older than twelve, but younger than seventy. There are two girls (including myself) and three boys (including the one in charge) that live here and each of us will be posting on this account. That’s why my “name” is written before the title of this journal. The head of household or whatever name he decides to use on here (everyone will say who they are) says that the main focus of this page is to keep track of everything and document exact dates and times, but I think it’s because he’s sick and tired of listening to all of our problems. 

Anyway, there really isn’t much to say about myself or where I live. Well…anything I’m allowed to say. Five people will be writing in here for anyone who’s interested and I’m sure one story will be told different ways depending on who’s telling it. I’m surprised that the head of household allowed this to be public, but after so many years of being with us, he knows that we aren’t stupid enough to post anything too revealing. Well I’m not. Head of household is just a private person that’s all! So we won’t be saying too much about him. Like I said, this is probably just for the rest of us to vent. 

Well, that’s pretty much it for a first entry. If anyone ever decides to take a peek inside the private life of a house of five, then feel free to read. I like the sound of that. 

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