[82] ~*Wed – 10/04/17*~

[1:42 am]

I’m so very tired right now but I wanted to write before sleeping. Last night I finally slept at like 3 am so I had about six hours of sleep. Hub only came to bed at 6 am and I woke him up at 10 so he had four hours of sleep. I don’t know how he did all the driving of today with only four hours sleep and he’s not in bed yet. 

Anyways, I woke up at 9 and started packing our bag. Hub was supposed to get up as well but he stayed in bed. I decided to let him sleep a bit more so I went and got my friend and went to the store to get a bungee cord. When we got back home I showed my friend how it was impossible to get in the door with a card so a deadlock wouldn’t really help in this situation. We were also talking and I realized that someone had came at the end of Aug to fix our doors so they did open the door back then. It just can’t be possible that the door wasn’t closed properly all that time and just open now. Right?! Anyways, I woke hub up and finished packing. I fed the cats and suggies. We put the bungee cord around the levers of the doors and a chair against the door to keep it from opening. I felt sorta safe to leave but still worried. We were running late so we finally left. We got to the dentist like 15 mins late. We dropped hub off and went to the lil Casino place to each play $20 (really $40 of my money as I gave $20 to my friend to play) but we both lost. My friend was hoping to be lucky like last time but no such luck. Hub called so we picked him up and left to go to mom’s. 

We picked mom up and went to eat. We then made our way for our road trip. We basically went around the Peninsula, all the way to the Island to see the lighthouse as my friend really love lighthouses. We could climb up the lighthouse but my friend didn’t come as she has a hard time with stairs. I felt really bad cause she couldn’t come. She went to the beach and had a walk and looked at the big waves. Me, hub and mom made our way up the lighthouse and I took a video to show it to my friend so she still saw the inside. She said that we had to go back next year and that she’d be prepared for it so she would come upstairs. She didn’t know we were going to the lighthouse cause I didn’t wanted to tell her we were going for a drive. I thought she would of figured it out when she saw me bring my niece’s gift with us in the morning but she thought I was bringing it so my mom could give it to her or something. Hub said something about eating at his mom so my friend was like “Erm, where are we going?” so I then told her that I didn’t wanted to tell her cause she wouldn’t of came so she was a bit stressed but was okay. We went to visit this Sainte Anne place as when I was little and had my accident that is where my grandma went to light up a candle for me so I could walk again which I did right after. We hadn’t told my in-laws we were going so of course when we got there no one was home. We waited a bit at the restaurant and mom in law and niece finally came. We went to their place and I gave my niece her gift. I was hoping to see the other one but was scared I wouldn’t as she wasn’t home yet and it was getting late and we had to hit the road again. She finally came home so I was glad I got to see her before we left.

We were supposed to keep going around and go watch a movie but it was later than we had thought it would be so we decided to just turn around and go back the way we had came as it was shorter and just go back home. On our way home we stopped to the grocery store so mom could get her stuff to make her cabbage roll and my friend was still trying to figure out what she was making as I had told her it was s surprised. Even with seeing the cabbage and the meat she couldn’t figure it out. We got back to my mom a bit after 10 o’clock. We were all pretty much tired out as we were out road tripping all day. Mom had a surprised for me, she had gotten some lobsters so we ate that when we got home. It was so delicious. We then watch a bit a of TV, my friend went to bed first (to read) and I’m the next one to follow. Hub and mom are still watching TV. I really wanted to finish watching the show we were watching but I was just too tired and had to come to bed. I was planning on reading a little but I will just finish my entry and try to sleep. I’m not confident about it as this bed is horrible.




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