[82.1] ~*Wed – 10/04/17*~

[10:42 pm]

We made it back home and I can tell ya that the closer I was getting to home, the more stressed out I was getting. I was so damn scared that I would get home and someone would of broken in the house. I didn’t wanted to come home. I wanted to go to my friend’s and for her to bring me home once hub would of checked the house and made sure it was indeed alright. My friend kept telling me the house and my cats were going to be fine but I just couldn’t stop stressing. I’m glad I’m home and it’s all alright. I just really don’t understand how the door was open and would like to have an explanation for it. I will be keeping the bungee cord on the levers for a lil while, just in case. I don’t feel a 100% safe about it yet. I kept the chair against the door for tonight too. 

So anyways, yesterday when hub was at the dentist I wanted to go in with him and ask about my teeth as one side as been sensitive sometimes when I eat since I got my fillings. I figured that I needed an appointment for that as they were prob too busy for me to just drop in and ask about it so I didn’t go in. I will keep an eye on the pain and will make an appointment if needed. Hub needs to go back in three months. I’m just talking about this cause last night I dreamt that the stuff in one one of my fillings was all coming out. It was big chunks of stuff. I really hate dreaming about things being wrong with my teeth.

Beside me having a bad dream about my teeth, my night was horrible. The bed is just horrible. It’s not comfy and super small so we can barely move around in it. Hub had his machine to sleep and it was so freaking noisy when he was breathing. I normally don’t hear it at home cause we have the fan and a/c going. I slept for like three hours, woke up sweating and had to go pee so I got up and went to the washroom. When I got back in the bedroom, I opened the window. It was nice and cold but the draft kept making the door bang as you can’t shut it properly. It was also moving the blinds which were also making a noise. I was getting pissed off and had a hard time sleeping. Around 7:50 am when I heard my mom cooking downstairs I decided to go sleep on the couch. I couldn’t in the middle of the night as she was the one sleeping on the couch. I wasn’t really able to sleep on the couch so I just laid there until my friend got up around 9:30. When she came downstairs I went up and slept in mom’s bed which is super comfy. I sorta slept until 12:30. I was having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep as you can hear everything that’s going in the house even if you close the door. My aunt came to visit and I could hear everything they said from the min she walked in the house and left. She wanted to see me so I almost went downstairs but was too lazy to get up so I stayed in bed. I finally forced myself to get out at 12:30 as I could hear that they were getting ready to eat downstairs.

After I got up I hat to get dress to go get myself some food as I didn’t eat cabbage rolls. It’s funny cause even with what my mom was cooking, my friend couldn’t guess what she was making. While I was out to go get my food I stopped at the bank to ask about the $1 fee I had. She said that there was always a fee to take money out even at the machine. I just didn’t pay in the past cause when I used that account to take money out, I was still a student so I wasn’t paying. After that I had my other account which has a package so I don’t pay to make transactions. That was okay, at least now I know why I was charged. She said that if I only wanted to move money so that my account wouldn’t become inactive that I would be better off depositing money on the account so I wouldn’t be charged. Even if I just deposit a dollar every six months, it’s still keeping the account active. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing.

After we ate we went to the cemetery to see dad and I brought him some flowers. Hub or my friend, don’t remember which one, asked if I had brought him a cigarette and I said no, that he was only allowed to have one once a year in May, when he was buried. Really I should bring it to him in April when he passed but I just bring it in May for when he was buried as in April we still have some snow. After the cemetery we went to see one of my aunt for a lil then we went to the old house. My mom wanted me to take a kid rocking chair with me but I didn’t in the end. It was so dusty and would of needed some cleaning so she said she would bring it to me next time she comes to town. After that we went to see my other aunt, the one that had came to the house earlier. Then we had to leave if we wanted to make our way back home not too too late. We had planned to go to the movies but there wasn’t really anything good to see. We got to town it was almost six, we went to the Casino place. I played $20 and hub played $20 which we both lost. That said, in two days I lost $80 from gambling. I really need to stop spending money on gambling and stick to the free money at the Casino. My mom had giving some money to my friend for her to play but she also lost. Mom lost as well. It wasn’t a good night. We then went for ice cream and left for the drive home which I drove. As last time, hub said he was tired and wanted to sleep but of course he stayed up the whole drive. It wasn’t too bad beside when we got to a stop light where they have construction, then we caught up to the traffic and it was hell.

I drove my friend home and then me and hub had to come home but like I said, I didn’t wanted to come home at all cause I was so scared someone had broken into the house while we were gone. Everything is fine but I’m still not 100% sure about all this. I would just like an explanation to why the darn door was open. I just need to forget about it and let it go. Eventually I will.

I just finally took a shower and it feels so good. I also talked to mom real quick to let her know we were home and that the house was fine. I forgot to tell her that we think we saw someone that hit a moose or something on our way back. There was three cars stopped on the side of the highway and the middle one seemed to be missing parts of it’s front but we didn’t see any animal. We did see a cop and an ambulance going that way so it was indeed an accident, just not sure how bad it was.

I also just checked that new Mystery Shop company I’m with, they accepted me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get in as I worked for the theater in the past but I did. It said they had a shop that needed to be done here in town but I don’t see anything. I’m not sure if it’s me who don’t understand the website but I don’t see anything that needs to be done. I will check again later and if not I’ll contact the scheduler person.

I want to catch up on some shows so I should get to that as it’s getting late. Hub cleaned the suggies kitchen which is nice as I didn’t feel like doing it at all. I also need to get the garbage ready but I think I will wait tomorrow morning to do it.




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