Mexico- C

You went to Mexico, you were gone for three months. I did not talk to you. I was over you. I was ready to make this year something that would count and I was ready to be a sophomore and I was ready to leave you and your dirty habits in the past.

Suddenly we were back at the fair, why were you there? I was with my friends and you were not supposed to be there. You piece of shit. One year later and I felt like everything was just beginning.
We met, we talked, everything you said turned into lies. I knew it. I didn’t care, I loved you. I would’ve given anything to hold on to that feeling.

We kissed in public, in front of everyone. You continued to lead me on and make me feel like shit. That was so uncool.

You wouldn’t talk to me in public. You made me feel like shit. You made me feel worthless and that I was of no value. I didn’t care. I loved you. I would have done anything for you. How dare you tell others I was trying to sleep with your best friend. How dare you abuse me and my vulnerability like that. How dare you.

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