Monday October 2 2017

Ever had one of those days where you simply stay in bed and make love on and off for hours on end, not wanting to do anything else?  Nope, neither had I until this day.  It started innocently enough as Sarah went off to work and I had a lazy morning in bed before getting up for a shower and washing some dishes before settling down on the couch for a rare Monday morning of doing absolutely nothing!

Just before lunch time, Sarah arrived home and as soon as I set eyes on here, I wanted her!  She has that kind of allure on me whenever we are together.  I had to use every ounce of self control not to throw her down, rip her clothes off and simply take her!  There are of course times when I could sit and listen to Sarah for hours on end.  She has that very calming voice that settles me and makes me feel so very happy and content yet, sexually, there is this X factor appeal that just drives me wild.  I just can’t get enough of her.  

We sat and chatted away beautifully into the early afternoon.  Our conversations are sometimes quite intense and deep but I love Sarah when she gets like that as much as I love her cheeky side when the smiles come in spade loads.  Both sides to her are so very sexy.  In fact, i’d gotten myself quite excited when I heard the door open.  I’d missed her so very much over the morning despite also enjoying the lazy side of things in bed and on the sofa.

Before too long, we were all over each other.  As always, Sarah’s kisses sent me over the edge.  As I write these words, my whole body is tingling with excitement at the thought of her kisses.  So soft.  So beautiful.  So sensual.  It’s still just over 72 hours until feel her lips once more but the wait will be worth it. 

These kisses were the catalyst to the rest of the day in bed making love, listening to music, making love again, eating chocolate, making love, drinking milk, making love and on and on and on.  I’d also been granted the opportunity to massage her body with baby oil.  I adore being able to cast my slippery hands over her curves and softness.  We don’t even need to speak, just feel the moment and embrace the beautiful intimacy that we share so often.  It feels the same when we snuggle on the sofa.  I hang off her every worldly word with baited breath.  

As night falls, we decide to have dinner and I find myself, spoiled again with a beautiful meal that I shovel down within record time.  I felt a bit bad that I didn’t wait for Sarah but when the food is this good, I find resisting just too difficult to comprehend.  It had been a day of perfection.  We’d grown closer still and felt our connection deepen just that little more.

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