[83] ~*Thu – 10/05/17*~

[9:45 pm]

This is crazy. It’s Oct and we’re still using the a/c in the bedroom as it’s still hot. You would think it would of gotten colder in there but no. Also, for some reason I can’t stop thinking about our windows and how I really hate them. I regret what I bought and should of tried harder to get the other kind of windows. We went back with the casing type as it was what we had in the past but really I wanted the normal one as it would of been easier to put the a/c in the window. At first the guy said we could have them but then he said the size of the opening wasn’t right for it, it’s in the middle so it was too small to get two in there and too big to get just the one so that had sorta made it easier to decided what type of windows we wanted. Now I hate it which I never did before. We went to mom’s and she has the normal type in the bedroom and for some reason when I opened the window in the bedroom it made me think of mine. The one in the bedroom has been open all summer cause we have the a/c in it and if you look at it, it’s so dirty from being open so when we finally close it, I’ll have to wash it. If we had the other kind of windows, we wouldn’t have this problem has the window wouldn’t open outside the house. Really when you think about it, it’s a really bad idea to have even invented those windows. You open your window in the mid of winter cause you want fresh air to come in the house but if it starts snowing, it will snow on the actual window. With the other kind, that wouldn’t happen. So yea, right now I’m just hating my windows for that reason. I’m just so weird and always have to worry about something. Last night hub said I liked to be stressed so when everything was fine I had to make up some problems to stress about, like the open door in the house. Bleh! Now I’m thinking about those windows that I don’t like. Most of the time we don’t even open the windows, it’s just because I saw how dirty it got from being opened all summer when that squirrel got in the window and I had a look. I mean, if we would open and close the window like normal people do I’m sure it wouldn’t of gotten so dirty, it’s because it’s been opened for like six months.

Anyways, I woke up today, did my hair and got the garbage to the road. I went to my first client but when I got there one of her friend came out to let me know she wasn’t feeling well and not coming out. Bleh! I hate when they do that, they could call the office and let me know they aren’t going out instead of making me drive all the way there. I could of stayed in bed longer. Oh well.. I took advantage of it and went to renew my car registration as it was due today. I then went to my friend for like an hour. Her brother had given her an old PC which he wasn’t even sure if it worked so she was trying it while I was there but looks like that one is good for the garbage too. I will ask hub to go see to make sure but it doesn’t look good. Poor her I tell ya.

I then went back to work until 8 pm. I came home, called my friend to talk a little and made myself some chicken fingers. They weren’t that great, too cooked. I watched Last Man On Earth and then tried calling my mom but of course, she’s not home. That woman! I kind of want to go take a bath but I’m sure I will sit in the tub and mom will be calling. I want to watch Lucifer but I don’t know if I should watch that first or take my bath first. I think I will watch the show first and see if I still feel like taking a bath afterward. I might just go straight to bed as I’m tired. That road trip drained me, I’m glad I wasn’t the one driving. At least it was super fun. I’m glad my friend did come with us as she said she had a great time and was thankful that we took her with us. Not sure when we’ll be going back but we’ll prob end up going for mom’s birthday as it’s on a Tue so that’s perfect.






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