Confessions of a Risin’ Star…The Motion by Drake

(Above Pic – She posed as being a true friend, interested in the well being and successful fruition of me and my career, yet she trolled my social media, and tried to create circumstances, to out do what I’ve done.)

There are two people that have appeared to me in the form of a black cat…Both of these were somehow placed, placated, and perceived, close to me…

One is my sister, and the other ********(I would mention her name, but why make her famous, when she has blatantly hated. This happens regularly when you start to rise. I have yet to meet a person who did n’t either hate or start trying to one up me, as soon as we had a good interaction. Every PERSON, w/ exception of a minute few, that I talk to start to try to challenge, and out do me. It’s now my life, or consistent motion of my life…)

Black cats are symbols of witchcraft, dark arts, and deceit. I am writing about this because the world I live in (my mind, perception, and the outer appearing reality, I experience) brought these people into an area of my intellect, where I believed (or it seemed) that they may’ve had, my best interest, at heart. This was, and is not the case. I’m thankful that I now I know the truth. (There is always a silver lining. Remember that in any situation that pulls you away from elevation.) 

Please note, I am not demeaning all women/people. Such is like saying, that all jewish people only care about money, or all white people hate black people, or all black people, steal. It’s just not reality; however, most of my experiences with women (both lately and most of my life) mode jaded(ie my mother’s masterbation in front of me, sexual abuse by my babysitter, sexual abuse by a pastor’s daughter, attempted sexual abuse by a church leader, who also stole my art, and plagiarized it, etc.) . Have I dated beautiful women? Of course. The ones I have sex with for 6-8 hours? Smokin'(like those types most guys wish they had a chance with.) I’m thankful for each & every one of them too, but, have I met anyone that makes me think, wow, I could see her more than two days in a row? NEVER. As I consider how women maneuver around me now, it’s a paradox, yet I have realized that none of the women in my hometown, are really worth any time, outside of work or makin’ money. 

Also, I have not been able close to them, extensively. The ones I meet around me, or ones I give any extra time, become overtly evil(they scheme for my possessions, try to bewitch those around me versus me, if I don’t abide by their wishes).  If this is not reality, it is the experience that circumferences the events that I know to be familiar. I did say I would leave my hometown; such seems inevitable now.  I wanted to leave amid good circumstances. Now, it seems like such is just the right choice, in order to live the life that the person inside me, births into life…

I have empowered way too many people, to too many great things, to be seemingly locked and to linked with the lowly of these people around me, most of the time. 

Tonight, I’m thankful for having a place to hide out from the evil of others…Hopefully, you can find something to be thankful for too…

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