Day 585 & 586 – Dream & Black Mirror

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This day was very average. Nothing remotely interesting happened. Although I did work on my portfolio, which is good. I also dreamed of Supernatural at night. I am dreaming of it so much lately. This time I dreamed there was this blade that was like the First Blade, but without the mark. If you held it for too long, you started having uncontrollable urges to murder. It was capable of killing demons though. My school and I had a group that would take turns holding the knife to kill demons. Kinda like a demon hunting club, haha. I was usually the one holding it, since for some reason I didn’t get urges, but it was a guy’s turn. Why they didn’t just make me hold it all the time, probably a precaution. Anyhow, Crowley was there blocking the guy’s way. I decided to fight him with two thin wooden cylinders. He had one too and his other hand in his suit jacket’s pocket. He was blocking, but not really attacking. At some point I poked him hard in the stomach, which was painful for him. Later on a demon came and was going to kidnap me, but Crowley made him go away (whether he killed him or not I don’t remember) then was carrying me back to my group. They were glaring at him, but since they saw he was helping me, they decided to not stop him. Yay, king of hell to the rescue, haha.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I started off with English. We did the same as usual so I’m going to skip this. Same for technology.

I ate with only one close friend and we decided we’d make a senior prank! It started off elaborate where we would decorate the whole cafeteria into a tropical beach, but we decided to go more simple. I’ll write it down when it comes along!

Next I had French where we worked on grammar stuff. I suck at French grammar and my teacher was going through the class making everyone answer something. A lot of people were screwing up, but it didn’t stop me from being super nervous. When it got to me, I needed a little hint, but I got the right answer in a short enough amount of time. I relaxed and then realised there was really nothing for me to be anxious about. But if it happened again, I would still be anxious anyway. The mind sucks sometimes.

I ended with math and we had a substitute. I was struggling to understand the new stuff. I couldn’t do the homework. Later on at home I could only do 3/4 of the textbook homework and not the paper our teacher gave us, except for one question. That one question wasn’t really about what we learned anyway. It was just a pyramid where you do trial and error. But our teacher should explain tomorrow… I’ll just figure it out more then.

I watched 3 Black Mirror episodes, since I realised after seeing a YouTube video that mentioned it. I have been needing to watch it, but never came around to it. I watched the first episode last year with my English class, so I watched episode 2-4. Man the show is good. I would go look online and for one of the episodes I watched, people were like “it’s the weakest episode of the show” and so on, but as a comment said, if that episode is the weakest, then it must be a really good show, cause that episode was really good. Got me very suspenseful and on edge.

That’s all for today.

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