Good morning my love…

      Good morning my love. I hope you have a wonderful day. May it be filled with smiles and happiness all around!


  Good afternoon, my friend, I hope your day doesn’t end up a total waste. For you, I wish to never see a frown play upon those kind lips. I understand that not all days will be filled with joy and ease but never let the bad days get you down. If it was a bad moment, leave it as a moment. The day is almost done. Let’s end this on a good note!


     Fair evening to myself. How was your day? It was horrible. Some say its easier to leave things at the door, but today I couldn’t. You see my depression was eating at my smile. The mask I wear to not only keep others happy but hopefully to trick myself into thinking that not everything is terrible. Leave it as a moment you say? Well, what happens when shitty “moments” keep stacking up on each other? I can feel the fatigue building up on top my shoulders. The weight on my chest grows heavier and heavier each day, within each moment. My mask is slowly slipping and by the time I hit that mat, it’s gone. I give into exhaustion and let the ending of my day run its course. “What’s wrong?” they all ask. Well, whats next is the excuses. The endless amounts of times I’ve used the “I’m tired” card with a weak smile afterward, it’s sad. So, to wrap up my day which was a sad series of unfortunate events I will be positive. As positive as the mask, I wear on the daily basis. Let’s be positive… for the last few minutes…


                                 3 great things

                            Amazing acting skills

                            The cool breeze

                            Comfort of my bed                           


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