if it had not been a drill.

Today during AP Gov class, we had a lock-down drill.

We sat in the dark for just a few moments. I had my back to the wall, and everyone’s voices had suddenly stopped. I thought for a very long moment, What if this isn’t a drill. I just suddenly remembered the Las Vegas shootings, and it made me feel selfishly petrified for a flash of time. I think my classmates might have felt the same way.


My friend JW brought two homemade mooncakes for me today. It was weird and nice. I gave one to D, who has never had authentic Chinese pastries before. She seemed to like it; apparently she likes having sweet things.

For someone who says “I don’t care” so much, JW actually seems to care A LOT about things. It’s weird.


I somehow managed to finish the corrections for the multiple-choice part of my econ test.


I had a really good day; I got a lot done.


Foxes in Fiction – Ontario Gothic. The whole album is dreamy, hazy, sad, nostalgic, ambient, healing, and utterly perfect in every way.


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