My life

I think I’m wasting my life. I’ve done nothing of importance and I have nothing to show for these past 20 years. I want to be someone, I want to do something, I want to be an 80 year old woman telling her grandchildren what an amazing life she had. I don’t want regrets and right now thats all I have. I want to be spontaneous and exciting and the girl that people look up to and want to be. I want to live my l

One thought on “My life”

  1. What you have to show is that you’ve made it 20 years and that’s a lot. If you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom just remember the only place to go now is up, and that random strangers on the internet believe in your potential and know you’re going to have the best stories to tell your grandchildren. Alllll the grandchildren are going to wish they had you as their kickass grandma who has over 80 years of accumulated great stories to share rather than just a few okayish stories about the first 20 years.

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