When the teacup shatters.

I used to think that I didn’t need anyone to be happy, that I’m ok by being alone. Now I’ve realized I’m not, I supposed I’ve changed too much after those 5 and a half years of being in a relationship and now that I’m single again I don’t really know how to be alone… last night I went out to have dinner with a friend and to catch up, I told her everything that’s been going on with me, how I’ve been feeling depressed and how I was kinda obsessed with the fact that C isn’t talking to me anymore, and she told me that maybe I’m feeling depressed because there’s been too much drama in my life right now, and I have nothing to hold on to, and C’s not talking to me just hurt my ego, because I don’t have him looking for me like I want to, and I need to learn how to be alone, before I start stressing myself with boy problems. And   I know she’s right, I just need to find the strength to stop thinking about any guy at all. It was really good talking to her, it helped me a little. Oh and we also agreed on the fact that we both hate social media and all the drama it causes. ( right now I’m trying really hard not to stalk him on Twitter). 

On another note, my ex blocked me on WhatsApp and I haven’t heard from him since Monday, I think he’s trying to move on now. 

And finally some good news, I got a call from the clinic, for my final interview this Friday so that will decide if they’re going to hire me or not, I really really hope that everything is going to turn out great. I’m going to the mall tomorrow to buy me a shirt and some pants for the interview. Wish me luck! Because I really want to work there, just so I can make some money and keep myself busy so I’ll stop thinking about all this drama.

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