it’s been a while…

  • i’m a sophomore now!
  • i joined kpop club because my friend (who i may or may not have a slight crush on..) told me to and i don’t even listen to a lot of kpop… i’m listening to some now because he told me to haha.. it’s pretty good though, and participating in a dance could be good for me i guess ??
  • school makes me cry a lot ,,
  • i have an executive functioning class because of my iep and it’s pretty good for doing my work but i’m still not doing enough 🙁
  • i lost a friend but i have a new best friend so like it’s all good
  • i’m taking asl instead of chinese
  • i might have a crush on this freshman in my geometry class he’s v cute
  • i’m finally getting glasses!
  • i like ,, cannot comprehend why people would want to be friends with me ?? like when people talk to me i’m like,, do you have a crush on me ?? why else would you talk to me ??
  • i’m still a mess oops
  • overall kinda sad but whatever ?? idk sorry this is a useless ugly update list

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