123 roots

It’s Friday. Can’t focus.  Started at least 4 things.  None of them finished.  Going to a hh to say goodbye to a co-worker.  A young woman who is a smiling, friendly, full of life engineer.  She is going to be sorely missed around here.  Moral continues to deteriorate as this company grows and its ties to the beast that is wall street grow ever stronger.  It’s just not me. What is me? Baking bread. That just randomly popped into my head. Maybe I need to bake some bread this weekend. I’m in awe of my kids. H and I went to curriculum night for D last night. I didn’t realize that almost all of her classes are high-school level! I knew her math and science were but so is her language class. Social Studies, I’m not sure about but that may too be high school level.  Then there is S.  We got their scores on the standardized tests from last year.  He excels in math. Went from a level 3 to a level 4.  

I just got an email from one of his teachers. They are doing an ancestry project and S told his teacher that he is adopted and doesn’t know anything about his biological family. She thought he felt a little sad or unsure of what to do. I got a little teary over this.  

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