[84] ~*Fri – 10/06/17*~

[10:12 pm]

I don’t know why I’m already so tired as I slept about 11 hours last night. I was spoiled once again as my first client cancelled so I slept until noon. I worked the rest of the day until 8 pm. 

I got myself some yummy tomatoes and cucumbers which I ate when I got home. It was delicious but I’m still hungry as it wasn’t really a supper. I went to get cat food and I got a nice surprise. Their food was free so I saved like $40. I don’t remember if it’s every 10 or 12 that you buy that you get a free one but yea. I also bought them some treats for $10 as it was buy one get one free. I feel I don’t give them enough treats compared to the suggies. I mean, they eat the same hard food all the time, I barely give them soft food. I find it too expensive. 

I had gotten some free money from the store and I just bought $50 worth of chocolates. I shouldn’t even be eating that as I gained and really need to start losing. I weighted myself at my mom and I shouldn’t cause I wanted to cry. I always told myself I didn’t want to weight more than a certain amount and I’m 1.2 over right now. When I went to my aunt’s, I saw that she had a scale so of course, I climbed on it hoping that the one at mom’s was wrong. Nope, it gave me the same darn number. I’m really upset about it so I need to start doing something.

While I was at the club with a client, another worker from another agency told me I should switch as mine is bad. I already know that, I think I work for the worse agency as far as benefits and pays goes. We’re paid peanuts and have nothing. I just don’t really want to start all over again with building up my cases as some clients I’ve been with them for four years. It’s also hard to get a full time schedule when you start and I can’t afford it. I’m still trying to get into correctional so I will wait on that for a while more. I might look for another agency, again, in the future, not sure about it yet. I had not long ago but decided to stick with where I am. I hate changes and getting a full new load of clients sounds scary right now. I don’t want to start from zero again. I could always do half and half but meh, can’t be bothered at the moment. I’m still sorta happy where I am so I will be staying there for now.

Alright, I just finished watching The Voice, it’s late and I need to catch up on a lot of shows but I just want to go lay in the tub as I didn’t last night. I should also get something else to eat as my tomatoes and cucumbers wasn’t enough. I’ll start by taking a bath and I’ll eat after. I should also do the dishes but I really don’t feel like doing it. I might wait tomorrow night as I also need to do the laundry tomorrow. Hub is being lazy and isn’t cleaning the suggies kitchen so I might just leave that for him for when he gets home from work. I wanna be lazy too!




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