Friday October 6th

I am in Florida. My flight leaves to go back on Sunday. I am on hold with Delta trying to change it to Saturday. I don’t want to stay because Teresa is leaving on Saturday now- she was supposed to go back on Monday, AND, I would rather be back at my place than here. I am leaning much more toward going back to Kentucky than I was on Wednesday when I came down here. I have no good reason for staying in New York other than the culture and the style. Last night at the rehearsal dinner, people looked terrible. There were literally multiple guests at a rehearsal dinner in flip flops. I definitely had the highest heels and the best overall look, including the bride. The styles and dress is hard for me to give up because I really love it. It would be a waste of money to dress in Kentucky. I might as well wear a potato sack. They are clueless. Lana did notice, and some people complimented my dress or my shoes. I know that’s a dumb and shallow thing to think about. I completely know that. New York is hard for me to give up for dumb reasons like that. 

I guess I just need to go home. It is the right choice money-wise for sure. I will be paying into my retirement, I think I am going to go back to school and get my admin certification, and it is just cheaper all around to live there, obviously. I make 10k less a year, but my take home pay is nearly the same because the taxes in New York are higher. I am going to move back to my old townhouse, I have a car picked out and 

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