How in the world?

How in the world did I get so lucky?

Thats a question I ask myself every single day. Good things don’t happen to me. They just don’t. There’s always some sort of plot twist. A “too good to be true” type of thing. 

Relationship 1: My first serious relationship. It was hers too. She had just come out when she met me. We were sort of like best friends. But we spent over 4 years together. Until she left me for another girl, who she ended up marrying (and then they split up and she proposed to the following 2 girlfriends after that, but that’s none of my business). 

Relationship 2: An alcoholic free loader that couldn’t stay away from the bottle. Would constantly leave me at bars, forget about me or even fight with me. Over nothing. I know it was the alcohol, not her. But you can’t change someone who doesn’t see a problem with their actions right?

Relationship 3: I fell for this one pretty hard. Buuuuuttttt she cheated on me with multiple people, including my “best friend”. But it was always MY FAULT. I was the piece of shit.

Relationship 4: Well this one was sort of out Of my element but I was into her. We spent almost 2 years together but the whole time it was like I was taking care of a child. She refused to work. But wanted everything. We fought a lot. I was overly stressed out. It was just a very negative environment. Our fights got pretty bad most of the time too. 

Relationship 5: This was the one I’ve wrote a lot about on this journal. I thought this was it. I thought I had finally gotten it right. I mean we knew eachother for SO LONG before hand. But he ended up being just like everyone else. Plot twist. He hurt me worse than any of the others. 

There were a couple randoms here and there and in between. But nothing compares to where I’m at now. 

MLMM: Where do I even begin with him. In this short time I’ve felt more with him than I’ve felt with all the rest combined. And it’s absolutely insane. I love it. 

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