[85] ~*Sat – 10/07/17*~

[8:45 pm]

It’s so weird. Not every Sat but almost every one of them, when I get home from work I just feel weird. I breath in and out, my chest feels heavy and I just want to cry. It’s been like that ever since my dad passed away. The drive home after dropping my client is always sorta emotional. I’m not always aware of it but it’s always there. Tonight was a bit heavier. I don’t know if it’s because I went to see my dad at the cemetery on Wed and also went to the old house and saw his room but my drive home was just harder tonight. I was talking to my dad while driving. My dad passed away on a Fri evening but the next day I still went to work cause I figured it was better for me to be at the movie with my client than home thinking. I mean, there’s nothing I could do. He passed, he passed. You can cry and stop living but it won’t change a thing so I went to work but ever since it’s just always weird. I’m okay all day but once I dropped that client off and make my way home, it starts being weird. I wouldn’t change it though, it’s my way of knowing that I’m still thinking of him.

Last night I was talking about me having to start doing something to lose weight. I would really like to start exercising. I know going to the gym won’t work as I don’t have much time to play with so I already know after a long day of work I won’t be going there. I would really like a machine at home so I could work out and watch my shows at the same time. There’s one at the old house that my mother in law had given me years ago and I asked them to bring it here. Do you think they ever did it? Nope! I’m pretty sure I’ve asked for it like almost two years ago and I’m still waiting. I know my mom would bring it if she could but she only has a car so she can’t. If it would be sister in law asking for something she would already have it. It’s like those damn garden doors, they are still here outside beside the baby barn. It’s been a few months and they never came to pick them up. I should of sent them to the dump. They had actually took them with them when they left, I had to call to have them bring them back. If only I would of known, well really I knew but blah. But back to working out. There’s also a client of mine that keeps saying his mom wants to send him back to the gym and that would be perfect. I could work out while being paid. Awesome! I just don’t know if it will really happen. I also need to start walking again with another client but walking isn’t doing too much. It’s more than I’m doing right now but as far as losing some weight I don’t think that will do anything. 

So yea, last night when I went in my bath I kept thinking of what I could do to start working out. I kinda want to start my Zumba again but every time I end up hurting my knee and that’s not good. I had went to the hospital for that once and they actually told me that Zumba wasn’t good and the doc also said it cause it’s hard on your knees. Blah! The things I like doing never works out.

The cats were spoiled last night. I went to the bathroom before going to sleep and didn’t close the bedroom door so of course one of the cat took advantage of it and went in the room. It wouldn’t be so bad if that cat didn’t sleep on top of me. Every time I want to turn around in bed I need to push her off of me and then she comes right back. The other one sleeps at our feet. 

So for today, I went out with my first client and she actually didn’t take all her time. A lot of time she actually runs over her time so I was surprised when we were done like half an hour before. I was all happy cause I thought to myself, more sleep. I had planned on going to bed but once home I decided to eat and do the dishes. That would be one less thing to do tonight in case we end up going to my friend’s place to see if hub can make that PC work. Since I was eating I decided to also start the laundry.

While I was out with my client at Michael’s, I was looking at their wreath that they have for Halloween and Christmas and holy, they are like $100 and $200. That’s so damn crazy. Do people really pay that much for them?! I’ve always wanted to start a hobby and one that would bring an income would be even better so I’m almost tempted to start making some if I’d know I could sell them. My friend already want to starts making some. Just for family and such but if she could sell some and make money that would be nice as she doesn’t have much. I just can’t believe the price they ask for those as it’s basically all stuff I could get at the dollar store. Even if it wasn’t wreath, I’d just like to start doing something, I just don’t know what. Then again, I don’t have much time on my hands and I want to start working out. Bleh! We need more hours in a day.

I finally went to bed and had two hours sleep before going out with my second client. We saw Flatliners which was super nice. I didn’t expect it to be a “scary” movie. I had seen some weird scenes on the trailers but didn’t think it was going to have jump scenes like it did. I don’t jump but still. I was impressed as I already really wanted to see it but it made it much better.

My client of Mon morning already cancelled so it’s nice cause I already know that I can sleep in Mon but on the other hand, I won’t be paid as she called before 24 hours. She could of waited tomorrow to call. Blah! Then I wouldn’t of lost three hours. Talking about hours, I don’t even know if the store is open on Mon as it’s a non Stat Holiday. I guess I will know tomorrow when I go to work. Would be nice if I didn’t have to work at the store on Mon evening.

Man, there is too many shows playing right now. I almost have a full week worth still to catch up. Being away Tue and Wed put me behind big time. I’m currently watching 18 shows and have watched only four for the past week. The new week is going to start before I’ve caught on this week’s shows. Maybe I shouldn’t watch all of these as they play and wait for the seasons to be done.




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