3: Heal

Everything I wrote was deleted and I can’t remember the content but its full of negativity so I’d rather focus myself positively than shit my day with madness. I never like my insanity with anger. It’s one of the emotions I let go long time ago. The grudge, anger, madness I rip them off long ago and I am proud to say I manage it well, though it took time but damn I did good. It breaks my heart to see people still caught with anger and violence like it can solve everything, like it can make their life happier. Nothing will ever be solve with violence. The world always looks like its doomed, it’s everyday or maybe it’s my own outlook, I don’t know. One thing I know is more people suffer from bullshit things and it hurts. One thing that I realized and hurts me so bad is the fact that I heard so many gunshots/bomb explosion than someone told me I LOVE YOU or just have deep conversation. I don’t know, sometimes words can heal.

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