Night’s Embrace

The night seems dark but the moon light up my eyes.  As I stare at the stars and it caress me as if  it never last. The sound of the wind takes me away without flying. I can feel the breeze of the sea, the coldness of the weather makes me want to stay here forever. Then something came up to me all of the sudden. I am not sad nor happy at all but why am I questioning myself. Why am I here? Do I deserve to be here? Who am I really? What am I doing? Am I good? Am I bad? Im getting tired of the battle inside my head. People might not see it but im about to explode. 

The clouds are coming up and covering my sky. Its already dark, but its getting a lot more darker that I can’t even see any stars. Something heavy falls down into my chest, I cant even breathe. My ghosts keep on haunting me. My candle’s almost out. Where should I go? What am I gonna do? My eyes are wide open but everything is dark,  im broken, im scared…


Until I learn how to close my eyes. I found the light ive been waiting for. I feel nothing… but Him. I found peace in the midst of doubt. I found Him!

Its never too late. Its just our minds. Sin will never change but people CAN! There’s still hope. Hope is where you can find yourself.  


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