Tuesday October 3 2017

The little things are often the best things about a relationship.  Tonight, we had our third beach date in as many weeks.  This was the second week that we stopped by the local chippy for dinner before finding our way to palm beach to nibble away and talk.  

Sarah has begun to open up more tonight about her feelings.  I feel so warm and fuzzy knowing the trust is building, safe in the knowledge that Sarah feels more and more comfortable by the week in my company.  As this lightbulb moment bestows upon me, a few light drops of rain fall intermittently as we share more of each other’s thoughts and feelings.

As we find our way through the chips and gravy, I sneak occasional glances in her direction.  My cheeky way of perving on her without her knowing.  At one point, I imagine her taking her clothes off, removing my pants to gently sit on top, then ride up and down on me.  My long lost hormone fuelled teenage senses bubble to the surface when we are together.  I must change my line of thought and return to some form of semblance.  Be a good boy now.

Earlier, I had ordered too much from the chippy and despite feeling quite full, I’m thinking of a hot cup of tea and snuggles.  We head home from our romantic evening under the stars shimmering through the fractured clouds above.  As mentioned earlier, Sarah is opening up more which only makes me adore her on a deeper level.  As we drive home, I touch her left leg and crave her attention as we talk about a number of things.  I think of weekends away in the future to romantic resorts and winery escapes.  The thought of growing old together brings an inner smile.  

Once home, we enjoy our warm refreshments and some cheesy television before deciding to turn in for the evening.  I promise myself that I will be good and not touch Sarah too gently or commence kissing her but within minutes, the urge within overpowers me and I start to touch my love.  Soon after we make love in a most spontaneous fashion.  I’m falling so very hard yet it isn’t hard enough…..

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