[86] ~*Sun – 10/08/17*~

[7:25 pm]

Last night I ended up going to my friend’s place around 9:30. I didn’t think we were going to be there long, I didn’t think the PC she had worked so I thought it was going to be a in and out kind of thing. Nope! Hub was able to make the PC work so we were there until about midnight. There was a lot of updates that needed to be done but we left before it was all done so we’ll need to go back to finish it up. It was getting late and I was tired. I got home and played a little on my farming game and didn’t read. I’m glad I had done the dishes earlier and the laundry. I just had to put one load in the dryer.

So, while we were at my friend’s, she told us we could have the screen that came with the PC her brother gave to her as she didn’t needed it. Of course hub jumped on the chance to get a second screen and as soon as he got home he set it up so that he has two screens on the PC. Now he can use the two screens when he plays games and streams instead of using the laptop to read chats. I’m not sure how I feel about this set up. It’s cool cause I’m witting right now on one screen and watching a show on the other one BUT since they are both side ways kind of thing, it’s hurting my neck. I don’t know if I’ll get use to it but if not I will have to put the screen in the middle of the desk when I’m on the PC cause I’m not gonna start having neck pain for this. I wonder if I can play my farming game on the PC, I could play it on one screen and watch my show on the other instead of using my phone. Bouhaha!

Anyways, work at the store was hell as always. Busy and a lot of cleaning to do. It was so damn hot and my feet are just killing me. I had to take an extra 15 mins break cause I just couldn’t stand up anymore. I also just wanted to sleep so bad. I’m so exhausted. It’s also pretty windy today so when we went outside to do the garbage, it was hell. The wind would pull the lid, my shirt and the bags. I was just glad when the day was over. The store is also closed tomorrow so I won’t be working in the evening. Woot woot. Only thing, I don’t know when I’ll have time to clean the suggies cage cause Tue we’re going over to a friend to play an Escape Room game in the evening. I can always clean the cage in the afternoon but I don’t know how late we will be out so they will get up and have an empty cage. All I know is that I really need to clean it cause I can smell it right now and it’s quite annoying. It’s not helping the headache I have.

Well, I’m hungry so I should prob get myself something to eat. I also need to put the laundry away, do the dishes and take a nice bath. Oh do I ever need a bath. I’m glad I can sleep in tomorrow. I’m taking my client to a movie so that should be nice. It’s also Casino time which I tried to call my friend to see if she was coming but of course, she’s not home. I also still have a lot of catching up to do on shows. It’s the end of the week and I still have like 12 shows to watch. There’s no way I’ll be able to watch them all tonight.




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