Are you coming home tonight?

I’m waiting for you

I’d rather stay up

because your phone cannot be reached through


Where are you now?

The last time we talked, you sounded scared

It’s been hours and I have a bad feeling somehow

The night is eerie and still, my thoughts full of dread


I’ve been waiting anxiously,

keeping my eyes on the door

hoping that soon you’ll return to me

like many times before


But no,

that door is still closed

I’ve asked your friends and nobody knows

My fear is becoming a creepy ghost


Are you coming home tonight?

God, please tell me the TV news isn’t right

Bullets have taken lives at the club

and I remember where you’re at


No, you’re not

You can no longer come home

You couldn’t even answer your phone…


…because you’re already gone…



(Jakarta, 13/6/2016 – 2:20 pm – inspired by all the random shootings that had taken places…and lives everywhere )

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