Day 587, 588 & 589 – School struggles, uni presentation & dreams

I have excuses for this 3 in 1 entry this time, haha.

Thursday, October 5th 2017

For the morning I thought it was Friday. I was super excited, but turns out it wasn’t the case when at lunch my friends told me it wasn’t.

Nothing much happened this day, except for math class. I was pretty sad, because I just received a D for the first time in years on my last math test. Luckily it didn’t count, since my teacher takes the best 2/3 tests each chapter, and I don’t have to worry about that chapter until the exam, but I couldn’t help but be sad about it. I went on, almost breaking down here and there, until my parents asked me how I was. I said I was fine, but they didn’t seem convinced. That’s when I couldn’t pretend anymore. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world and thankfully it didn’t effect my grade, but I seriously need to step up my game.

Friday, October 4th 2017

Finally Friday for once. Also our grade won colour day. Each grade has to wear a colour on some Fridays and the grade who wears the most by the end of the year wins a free movie and pizza. Although it’s the easy for seniors, cause we have black. Everyone has black at least somewhere on their clothes.

I started off with French, although we had to go to a presentation for a university. I saw the recruitment officer which I thought he was (to put it bluntly) very attractive (and on top of that reminded me of Crowley), and I wondered how old he was. Obviously he was too old for me, but I still wondered. A few seconds later, he actually said “… so ask me anything, just not my age. That’s for you to guess.” It dawned on me that I wasn’t the first senior that was interested in him, haha. But even though I wasn’t going to that university, I still managed to get a couple of tips which was nice.

I had half a remaining class or so left of math , so I took that opportunity to ask my teacher for help (without crying this time; I wanted to stop doing that and it went well, so yay me) and try to understand my homework. It’s going a little better.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual and then I left for English. We did the same, and in technology I looked at more post-secondary programs. I changed my program choices again. I have two animation program choices and then a creative writing one. But when I got home, my mom asked me if it had to be three different programs, and I said three programs of the same or not, depending if you chose different programs at one school or the same subject and three schools, so now I don’t know anymore, cause I’m being told so many things left and right.

I drew a hand for my portfolio that evening and I did great on it. Three weeks ago I was trying to draw a hand and I just couldn’t; the proportions were awful, the lines were out of place, and so on. But now I did one as practice and it’s amazing, I just had to tweak a few things here and there. Art sometimes…

Since Discord added video chat and screen share, I video chatted with staff! I didn’t have a webcam, so I had to download an app on my phone that would connect the camera to my computer, then share my screen that showed my phone’s camera on my browser. But I got to see all their beautiful faces and we played Cards Against Humanity. I actually stopped playing around midnight or so, which is surprising. I think I was quiet enough that my parents didn’t really hear me enough to ask me to stop playing, or maybe they just decided to give me a break after my math test from yesterday.

Saturday, October 7th 2017

Today I was pretty tired. Of course I only slept at 2 am, but I also didn’t take my iron supplement, since I didn’t wanna go all the way downstairs after video chatting and instead headed straight to bed. 

I did almost nothing. I played This War of Mine and completed a game with a happy ending, watched YouTube and that’s about it. I’m watching a lot of tattoo videos lately, mostly Ink Master. I should try watching a full episode instead of frustrating clips, where they don’t show the final tattoos sometimes.

I went on Club Penguin a little since I haven’t been on in a while. There’s also an event, so I took the opportunity to buy as many things that interested me as possible before it ends.

I’m gonna go see where my parents are in Supernatural then just relax before going to bed. I haven’t watched Supernatural for like a week now, and I’m STILL dreaming about it. The past two nights has been more about Castiel/Misha than Crowley, Sam or Dean though. Before last night was a short one where I believe Castiel was trying to make a spell to summon a portal, and I wanted that portal, so I followed him around as he did it. He was also talking to this glowing ball at some point; I tried to eavesdrop, but he caught me. The one from last night was also short/less detailed, but I was Misha at an event which was held in a castle. There was a fan who was stalking me/Misha, so I ran after what I thought was an eleven-ish year old boy. Turns out he was this tiny little creature that you can trap like a bug with your hands. That’s what I did, and a guard who was also a boy (thirteen maybe), told me to move my hands so he could stomp on it, but I said to leave him alone. After he walked away, I moved my hands to talk to the creature, but it ran away. I don’t remember much of what it looked like, but I think it was this sort of dark grey wolf with a purple shirt, and it looked more like a figurine than anything else.

That’s all for today.

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