Life just Sucks…..but there is always a Solution!!!!

Well, I hate being a person that always has to hold herself high. People will step on me if I don’t keep my head held high. Today, I texted this boy I have a crush on, more like a special person,but I tried telling him how I feel. Well, he never texted me back. Maybe he doesn’t like me. i am trying really hard to keep myself together, but sometimes I feel that I force him to talk to me. Maybe I should continue with my life and stop. I should think about myself for a change. I try to keep my cool when I see you “flirting” with other girls, but I know I am nothing to you. Maybe I wish I could be. Maybe I can be proud for n=being your girlfriend if I was one. 

I don’t like going to church. I feel forced. I know that I shouldn’t but I can’t keep up with all the rules. I tried to keep my cool today, but I got angry. I finally said that I didn’t. Next thing you know, I still have to go. 

School is stressing me out. I try to keep up with AP, but I feel like people make me feel less in that class. They think they are smarter than me. You know what, I don’t care what they think. They can think about being so damn smart, but yet they have no character. They act as robots towards a person. I used to be one of them. I think i still am. At least though, I am no trying to show off how smart I am, even though everyone is smart in their own way. I think everyone has the potential to be smart; they are already smart. The only thing to do is: 

  1. Be myself, who cares what people think
  2. Don’t try to be like everyone else
  3. Loosen up and keep myself calm
  4. Don’t pat attention to what other people think
  5. Sometimes, it’s okay to say how we feel

 How I wish romance was like this in real life…

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