I am questioning everything about myself? Is this my question? Will i be able to tell my story? Well, I guess i can. I wanted to tell him how I truly felt about him today. I feel pathetic when i am around him. Were we just a summer fling? Well, I wanted to tell him how i felt about him, but I’m too scared. What will he think of me? I am sure it’s ok. There is so much I would like to tell him, yet I have no courage> I first i despised myself for not telling you, for not admitting how i truly felt about you. Now that i admit it, i regret it. It’s too late.I hope have the same feeling for you as I do for you. I hope one day we meet again and then I tell you straight out. I really miss you.That is all I can say. I can’t believe how pathetic I am. xxx. I don’t know what you think and feel about me? I regret not accepting to kiss you, I miss the way you made me laugh, I miss the way you hugged me, I miss the way you made me feel secure when I was scared, and I missed how we held hands. Why all of a sudden I feel pretty pathetic. I know I am ugly, my soul is ugly, and everything about me. Maybe then, in the future I will have the courage to tell you how I feel. How come the world is so unfair with me? I miss you, ALOT? It was nearly 2 months ago and know 3. You don’t remember me. I am human too. I am scared what you think of me.I hope i get to tell you how i feel. I am so insecure of myself. Please, please, please, accept me. 

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  1. Listen, don’t be so hard on yourself. I am sure that you are a beautiful and very intelligent person! Just believe in yourself and everything will be fine. If you need anything, to talk or whatever, I’ll be more than happy to help..

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