Private Life of a House of Five (Aiden) Intros are dumb

I don’t get why people are giving these dumb intros about their life and interests. This journal is supposed to be about what happens in our life right? So, let’s start by the disgusting thing that happened today! Sir was right though, disgusting things happen here all the time and I won’t deny that it’s almost always my fault haha. If you don’t like reading about disgusting stuff then you better not read any further.

Anyway, today started out really boring. Mae was out shopping for groceries for the house, Sir was locked up in his study in the back of the house, Xemera was in the shower, so it was just me and Jax. We were really bored so we decided to come up with a little game. We made some greasy meat and ate as much of it as we could and took some laxatives. The first person to mess their pants loses and has to clean the others entire room for a month. Both of our rooms are nasty according to Sir so the stakes are high. 

Well, a lot of time passed, Mae had gotten home and Xemera was out of the shower when Jax started feeling it. (Here’s where it gets gross everyone!) So he’s running for the bathroom screaming “diarrhea!” But Sir was in the nearest bathroom! I can’t stop laughing as Jax runs for the next one upstairs and I pull out my phone to take a picture of his misery. Well…I got the photo, but it was NOT what I wanted. Let’s just say it was everywhere but the toilet…and I got a picture of it. He got his revenge on me later on and that was a nightmare! Even though Jax lost, Sir is making both of us clean the entire house top to bottom for the next month. Do you know how big this house is and how messy it gets? To make things worse, we had to start with the bathroom Jax destroyed. My nose will never be the same again.


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