Sunday October 8th

So glad to be headed back to New York. I have so much to do, I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I am going to really try to get most of my shit out of the school tomorrow. I will make multiple trips- I will have to. Maybe 3. I am fairly certain the charter school is open tomorrow, so the building should be open. I have decided to move. End of story. No more wondering about what I should do. I am just going to do it. I have made the decision and I have to stick to it now. I have the place to live, I have the job, I have given notice at my job and my apartment, I booked a rental car to get back in. I am going to take most of my clothes with me and not the movers. I will call the movers tomorrow and give them the address and try to get some definites on the dates. I am going to go buy a box of big black garbage bags and put a lot of my clothes in those. I bought a total of 45 boxes to pack shit in and that’s gonna be it. I will take a load home of what’s left from school every day this week and hopefully have it all sooner than later. I need to get my music stand and those big crates tomorrow- those would be awkward to carry out on a school day without attracting a lot of attention. I dread dealing with my principal this week. I will avoid him as much as possible, that’s for sure. I am certain to be called in to the office again. I am just going to say, I understand that you want me to stay, but I have made my decision. I have to be firm. I suck at that. I suck at confrontation and discord of any kind. I will be getting some practice this week, that’s for sure. I cannot just stay because I want a stranger to be happy with me. 

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