The white dream

I think I’m gonna fall in love with her.  I think she is the one I lost in my shyness. She is too good to be true,  but maybe it’s my coward side talkin’.  

She’s sleepin’ right over there. It’s dark but I feel her just fine. 

I’m thinkin’ he’s gonna like her, too. 

And if I can claim her, am I gonna be able to share my love and his bed with her? 

Her soft smile and her dangerous eyes…  Her innocence that paints everything white and solves you inside its depth…  Her tired loneliness…  I’ll kill you bastards!  What have you done to my little angel? 

I think I’m fallin’ in love.

A dark road ahead and the light of her face callin’ me in….

Go away you old bitchy fears!  

Step back you shithead people! 

She’s gonna be mine… 

And I won’t let her go. 

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