What type of crisis is it if you’re only 29?

Here I am.



Fed & Clothed.

Yet something is missing…

Yes I know, this is cliche, but it is what it is.

So, what type of crisis is it if you’re only 29?

My daily thought has been, “what is my purpose?”. So lately I’ve been trying to remind myself of the things I like to do in an attempt to find my passion. The next question is, how the heck did I make it to 29 without having a passion? Maybe it’s because I’m simply ordinary (which I might be ok with). I have come to terms with the fact that I have no talent (which is funny to me because it’s so true). My whole life, I’ve simply been smart, not cunning smart, but book smart. In being smart, I’ve done well for myself. I’ve progressed through life, but now suddenly something is missing and I haven’t quite grasped how to fill the void. Is it considered a crisis if you’re stuck at 29? or is it just a vague question to work through. Feels pretty heavy to me. Purpose and Passion are two things that have eluded me, and now I’m lost on how to find them.

So the question remains….what type of crisis is it if you’re only 29?

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