Being in a point in my life, I am trying to change everything, to get to where I would like to be, I’m doing a lot of things I normal wouldn’t. Or..say, things I’m forcing my self to do, and get back into.
My attempt to be more social and have actual decent friends, has been a success, and has back fired all in one. Tuesday I went for wings with Alex, holly, and a few other from work. I’m really enjoying hanging out with Alex, hes a real chill dude, and its really hard for me to get along with other guys. Saturday night I went out with two different sets of co-workers. It was great, how ever I got super smashed. Probably made a fool of my self as usual. Anywho, tonight Jess called and invited me over for dinner at James, with Rayo, and a few others as well. It was like a huge Sunday family night dinner, it was great. However, for some reason I was just irritated. Not because anyone was there, or did anything, just people in general. I’m sort of used to being alone, and I’m not…any where I go. If I’m home my mother is always here, and always wants my attention. Even when I’m trying to sleep. I suppose you could say I surround my self by dogs for a reason. I really do enjoy going out..I’m not sure whats going on. My lack of comfort at “home”? home is suppose to be your sanctuary, and this place is not that for me.
Speaking of my smashed self Saturday. I should know better then to go out when I’m as agitated as I was that night. I got a lovely friend request from Ann’s boyfriends. Being on edge from the night at work being so busy I send him a message and tell him to fuck off, and stop trying to add me, as this is the first time hes tried. The first time was on Instagram, and I instantly blocked him. Moving on, his reply to my message was, I’ve heard a lot about you, how I’m a big piece of shit, but I popped up in people he may know so he decided to hit add, with a kissy emoji. I simply replied he was childish, and I was for drama, told him to havea  good day, and blocked him. What in gods name would possess him to try and add me on social media, not once but twice, say something like that. Is this kid 15 or something? More shocking, why would Ann associate her self with someone so childish, and obviously begging for drama, when that’s the shit she cant stand. Either way I’m in awe, slightly confused by his intentions, or if he thought he might get a rise out of me….his mistake. I’m not interested in those child like games. Enjoy her, enjoy your life, why are you so concerned with me? I don’t even know you boy. I really just don’t understand…humans.
Friday  my phone finally died. I dropped it and the screen went completely black. the phone it self still works, the screen just wont light up. I switched to the iPhone I have, but I don’t think i’ll be sticking with it. It’s way to weird haha. Galaxy for life haha.
Great, Tux managed to cut his paw on something. Time to play vet.

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