[87] ~*Mon – 10/09/17*~

[11:37 pm]

Dang! I’ve watched shows until 1 am last night. I have four left to watch. I’m glad it’s not all shows of 40-50 mins cause I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Plus there’s more starting in the next few days. Way too many shows playing in fall. 

Anyways, I took a nice much needed bath. My feet were very pleased about it. I didn’t plan on doing the dishes but of course I went and did them. I didn’t put any laundry away as I wanted too. I was doing so good with it and now I just leave it in the basket and dryer like I used too. I need to work on that, try to put it away as soon as it’s done drying cause otherwise it seems like I just never put it away. 

I also felt braver last night. I finally took the chair away from the garden doors. I kept the bungee cord around the levers as I’m not quite ready yet. I still don’t know how the door was open and not sure I’m ready with believing it was just the door not being shut properly. That explanation would be the easiest to accept but don’t make sense to me so yea, bungee cord is staying there. We don’t use the doors anyways. Only thing, a bit ugly but oh well. 

Beside that, omg does hub feet ever smells awful. He really needs to do something about it. He just stinks the whole damn house with the smell, it’s horrible. I wonder if his mom ever worked out something for that as she smells bad like he does or used to anyways. I should tell him to call her and ask if she ever found a solution cause he’s gonna kill the whole family. When we were at mom’s, my friend thought she was going to be sick because of the smell. It’s quite deadly!

So today my first client had cancelled so I slept until 11 am. I then went to the movies with my other client, we saw My Little Pony: The Movie which was alright but I’m sure I wouldn’t of watched it otherwise. It was cute but the voices can be annoying sometimes. My client was super happy so that’s good. She doesn’t get to go to the movies much. She’s 39 but mentally she’s about eight years old. My next client also cancelled so that was good. I did get paid for that one thought as she only cancelled today. After I was done with my one client I went and picked up my friend so we could go to the Casino. It was busy at the buffet so we paid first and got a buzzer and then played our money. I first played mom’s $5 and took out $15. Not much but it was still more than I had before I got there. My friend had said she was going to play as far away as possible from me as she said I was bringing her bad luck. She walked away but then came back and sat on a machine beside me. First spin and she won $20 a few more and she got like $40 so she took out $65 on her free $5. She was so happy. First time she wins on her own money. She gave me $20, first time ever that she gives me money so that was cool. Then she played $5 on another machine while I went to play my $5. I lost mine and she took out like $11 cause the buzzer had went off and we needed to go eat. Of course when we were done eating, she didn’t change her ticket, she played it. She ended up losing it and I played $5 and lost it. Oh well.. we still came out with some money and she was all excited. Cute!

After the Casino I went to her place to check the PC as the updates were finally done. She had said that she had tried to go on her Facebook but it wouldn’t let her do anything so I fixed that up and it looks like she’ll be able to play some games. I really hope it works cause damn, we tried so many things. She plans on trying to save up some money and buy a good working tablet in the future. I still can’t believe the piece of crap that guy sold me. I stayed at her place until like 10:30 as it was raining and I didn’t wanted to go out and then Kevin Can Wait was going to play so I stayed and watched it with her so that’s one show I won’t have to watch at home. I got home, I called my mom and now I’m writing. I’m already tired but I want to keep watching a show or two so I’m not too behind as I’m still not all caught up for last week. I wanted to put the laundry away tonight but I don’t think I’ll be doing it. I have a feeling it will stay in the bathroom until I wash laundry again next Sat. I also haven’t washed the suggies kitchen but tonight I am leaving it for hub as it’s supposed to be his job anyways. I did wanted to get ahead and wash some of the suggies toys tonight but I think I will just do it all tomorrow. Hopefully I will wake up not too late and will actually clean the cage.

I guess I shall get going with the shows as it’s already almost midnight. Time is going by way too fast.




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