First Journal

Hey, first journal entry of the year! 🙂

I created this account so I can not only express myself in writing, but also to share these feelings with people who may read this. I am a very awkward person, but I love to talk with people and spend time with friends.

I would like to tell a bit about myself in this first entry. People usually say that I’m an extrovert, and its pretty true because I usually love conversing with anyone. But of course there are some things that I can not tell anybody. Not because I’m afraid of their opinion, but because I’m afraid that that person might spread my secrets. I made this account so I can anonymously tell people about what’s going on in my life,  and to also get advice, opinions, etc.

Many people might overlook my journal, but hopefully the occasional people who do get a chance to read it will be interested :).

Thank you for reading this!


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