Monday October 9th

I have worked like a dog all day packing up my stuff. I went to school this morning but I couldn’t go upstairs to my room. The building was open, but it was only open for an emergency and then they were going to lock it back up. Bummer. I will hopefully be able to get everything that I can’t get on school days next Saturday. I dread having to see my boss tomorrow. I am just ready for all this mess to be over and for me to be able to focus on straightening out my life. Talking to Noah today I got the idea that he is getting sick of living with Brent. He was complaining about the mess and how it always looked bad. He’s just used to living with me where everything is always clean and neat. Well, I made the call to just rent the townhouse next door to the one I lived in before for a year and go from there. I will spend the year getting out of debt that this debacle in New York has cost me and save up money to buy a house this time next year. 

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