Today has been a day. I made a list about how shitty today was but in true shitty day fashion my entire journal post randomly deleted.

Fuck today.


So I’ll try a different approach. I will try to make a list of all the things that went well today. This list will be relatively short.

1. I woke up this AM. (late, but at least I woke up)
2. I made it through traffic without getting in an accident (1 hour worth of traffic but again no accident).
3. I managed to not curse anyone out today at work (today was uneventful as is every other day).
4. My fiance is still my fiance (Although he got the ENTIRE FUCK ON MY NERVES TODAY!!!!, but what else is new)
5. I went to happy hour & learned more about one person and had pretty good drinks (even though the event was a fucking bust)
6. I made it home safely (although my annoying fiance left the dog in his kennel too long and now he’s bursting at the seams b/c he has to pee so bad)
7. Because said fiance is not here, I am able to be home alone in solitude with my journal. (it’s the little things.)
8. I survived another day.

Let us pray that tomorrow is a better day.

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