Endoscopy and colonoscopy. Also cardiac stuff!

So I am pretty open about stuff. Lol I will talk poop talk with you. It doesn’t faze me. haha

Anyway so I have a lot of issues with my body. I have had multiple colonoscopies.

Something feels different though. I’ve had IBS since I was 7 and this pain is different.

I’ve also had issues with my acid reflux disease. So I get both done on the 30th. Day before Halloween. I hope I am good for Halloween.. I want to trick or treat with my kids and honestly.. I love it. I get all witchy and blast Halloween music and lights. I think our house is a hit! haha

Also got a call with my cardiac loop recorder. They said they caught a lot of skipped beats which are pauses. The concern that got it put in. So I am worried he will decide on a pace maker. I just hate the thought that I will have something in my body that my heart will depend on.
They wanted to know my symptoms yesterday so I told them, but after the call in the car my heart skipped 4 times in a row. I called back.. told them the time and symptoms which was a panicked feeling.
Hopefully they got it.
I hope to hear from them today to get all this figured out.

my 5 year old is doing amazing in school. I was told he was the teachers “go to guy”. Proud mama!

Still haven’t heard from my OOD’ers teacher. Hopefully no news is good news.

and my 7th grader? :sigh: Still keep getting calls that he isn’t doing work and being a distraction. 🙁 I have no clue what to do! They are working with me.

The older kids and I have therapy together on Thursday. Hopefully it helps him!

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