Saw doctor before chemo.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Things looking good but as usual won’t know for sure until the ct scan which is now scheduled for November 15.  Will find results on November 21.  Feel pretty good or as I like to say simply adjusting to the side effects.  The worse one is still my vision.  I have written about it in previous posts so I won’t bore you by going through it again.  Sinply put I CANNOT SEE.  Chemo was super busy today.  Every chair was taken so I ended up in a private room.  Almost at the end of an hour long bag with a half hour bag to go when the fire alarm goes off again.  Everybody outside.  You know the routine by now.  This was not a test either.  It was the real thing.  They did not find anything but the elevator was not allowed to be used and we  had to take the steps.  Huffing and puffing (no not me, the husband) we made our way out of the building.

Echo results were good.   Counts are good.  Vitals are good. 

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