I am obsessed with wanting to be skinny. I want my collar bone to pop out. My face slim. Feel my hip bones when I lay down. Put on anything and look and feel good. After fasting, I have felt different. I want this and I am gonna go for it. 

I want to be described as the cute skinny girl. Not the skinny fat girl anymore. I have to limit myself with food and just drink more tea and water. I’m pretty sure I can survive off apples and strawberries. I don’t really crave much food like I use too. My stomach growls like crazy but I’m never really hungry any more. I love the feeling of an empty stomach. Makes me feel small. I can fit in my crop tops finally. I put them away in a closet because I was too big in them and felt gross. 

I did 100 leg lifts and 3 sets of 21 shoulder presses. 

Doing this everyday because I want the flat stomach and my collar bone to pop out. Maybe I can finally wear a choker without feeling insecure about my neck. Can’t wait to be a size 0 again. No more size 3.

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