OMG!!!!Hello once again fellow friend. How are you? Anyway, I finally had the courage to tell him how I really feel. “I like you” was my response. But he responded with “Really”. I didn’t know what that meant. Did he really like me? I sorta regret telling him how I feel. Seriously though, I feel better that I have told him than when I was keeping it in. Well, he never did tell me how he felt. I am sad. Sad that how rejection feels. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t help to explore more. What type of person is he? Can he tell me more of himself? Maybe not. Honestly I feel like I am stuck between two walls. 

I go see a psychologist. I am not mental. I ask for advice. Asking for advice really helps ( or so I have been told). He honestly doesn’t understand how I am living. What is the point to keep going if he doesn’t understand. My mom thinks I need help. I do. Anger gets the best of me.It is all her fault. It is probably my fault. 

The Neighbourhood is awesome!!! One of my favorite songs by them is “24/7”. 

Daddy’s little girl started growing up, up, up, 

She left the suburbs in the summer because she fell in love 

Temperature is 101, in the 405

Round around 6:15, but she has got to be back by 9:00

Honey’s just 22…….

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  1. Hey, I really think that you are a really cool person! Please don’t let that affect you, just move on. It is his loss, for not getting to know an amazing person like you!! 🙂

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