[89] ~*Wed – 10/11/17*~

[10:26 pm]

I didn’t have time to write last night as we only got home it was past 1 am and I decided to watch TV shows until 3 am. I started watching this new show, The Gifted, it’s really good. I then read and finally got to sleep at like 4 am. This is not being good at all. 

Anyways, yesterday after cleaning the suggies cage we went to UPS to pay the bill we had received for the PC. Of course, we couldn’t pay there and had to do it online or on the phone. We got home way too late so the customer service was closed and we couldn’t figure out how to do it online. Their website is just stupid. Hub called this morning and apparently the bill was already paid. I don’t understand but if I don’t have to pay it that’s alright with me. After going to UPS we went to Costco to eat and get our pills and a few other things. We dropped by my friend’s to give her the kitty litter she wanted and check her PC real quick to see if hub could fix something on it but he wasn’t able to do it. We’ll have to go back another day when we have more time. We then went to my other friend to play the Escape Room. At first it didn’t look good as we didn’t know what to do at all but once we got started it wasn’t too bad. We actually managed to get out the first room at the last second. We decided to go ahead and do a second one and got out with almost three minutes left. It was awesome, we had a lot of fun. I didn’t think I would be of any help but I got right into the second one and was able to help out by myself. I felt a bit intelligent. Haha! There’s two more rooms to do and they are harder than the ones we did. I hope my friend invites us back to do the other two. I’m not sure if we’re gonna find a time where we can all get together again so that’s sad. 

So that was for last night. Today I slept until noon and went to work till 8 pm. Work wasn’t too bad beside when I go to the club with this one client. He used to be quiet but now he keeps talking about all kind of stuff and get into others conversations and it’s annoying. I’m just waiting for the day that someone will get really pissed at him. What ever he says don’t make sense and he just doesn’t stop. I don’t know what to do with him anymore. I try not to ignore him too much and tell him what’s what but it’s a lost fight right now. 

Last night I dreamt that I had lost one of my teeth. I really hate dreaming about loosing my teeth. At least it was only one but still. 

Back to today, I went to Frenchys with a client and I was all excited cause I found a purse very similar to the one I have for $5 so I was going to get it. I didn’t like the front that much but I mean, for $5 and mine is so warned out that it was a very good deal. I got to the cash with it and realized the first zipper was missing. What a bummer! I was debating on still buying it as it was way better than the one I use. Mine will fall apart really soon but it was the first pocket that the zipper was missing so I decided to leave it there. If it would of been the last one I would of still bought it. I was thinking of buying it and trying to change the zippers or something but that’s too much work for me even for $5. So I was very sad when I walked out without a purse. I really need to find a new one before the one I’m using just falls apart on me. I just got so used of being able to put my purchases in my purse that I want another one the same size and shape. I need to check online and see if I could find a similar one there. 

I hate that I’m sorta getting addicted to gambling. I used to never ever want to play at the Casino or wherever they had machines but now I do. I also never used to buy break opens and I just did tonight. It was just $2 but it all you need to get started. I blame this on the free money at the Casino and that big winning I did. Now I always think I can win which I mostly don’t. Maybe I should stop going for my $5/week. I have a addictive personality so I need to watch myself. I guess it’s not as bad as hub spending $7 every time he puts gas for a Lotto Max. I mean, I don’t really spend much on gambling/Lotto, it’s just I went to Walmart with my client and went to the washroom by myself and walked in front of the Lotto kiosk and told myself I should try a $2. Blah!

When I got home I decided to clean the pantry and gosh, I made an almost full bag of boxes and an almost full bag of expired stuff. I clean one side like once a year so some stuff was going back a year ago. I think I never really cleaned the other side cause some stuff was as old as 2011. At least it’s all clean now but it’s so empty. I told hub I didn’t like cleaning it cause then I feel like it’s too empty and I just buy a bunch of stuff to fill it. Maybe I should of left some empty boxes in there to pretend it was full. Haha! It took me almost an hour just to clean that thing. Blah!

After I watched The Voice and then I went in the shower. The joys of washing my hair. Bleh! Now hub is making me some yummy grilled cheese. I still have to put away some laundry and I have a feeling I won’t be doing it tonight either. It’s only been almost a week. I’m so lazy when it comes to put away laundry. At worse I will have to do it on Sat when I do the laundry as I will need to baskets and room.

Well, hub just finished my grilled cheese so time to eat.




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