So my step father has this piece of shit son. And when he is sober he is not a piece of shit, but he has been more not sober than sober in the last 5 years. He has been to jail, TWICE. Once for stealing his fathers gun (for drug money) and the second time for a parole violation (because he was using again) and he recently just had a baby (cause THATS what a junkie needs). When he is sober everyone pretends he’s a great guy they pretend he never did anything bad like skipping his dads birthday party to get high…. stealing everything that wasn’t tied down to sell for drugs… lying about doing work he didn’t do… causing drama and family scandal because he won’t stay clean. 


He is currently clean. Yay. I’m sincerely pleased with him for being clean and staying clean and out of jail. 

But everyone wants to pretend nothing happened. He deletes us from Facebook with no explaination. There’s so much undercover drama that no one talks about and no one is allowed to talk about (i.e. ME) so all this bullshit bubbles under the surface. 

I cant pretend to be happy with someone who has done bad things. I can’t pretend things are okay when they aren’t okay. 

Now im being forced to go on a family trip with them. 

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  1. Yikes, that sounds like a difficult situation to be in. Here’s hoping he behaves himself on the trip (and that you end up having a good time regardless!).

    Is there no one you can talk to about this? Surely other members of your family are as fed up as you, or perhaps there’s a reason they’re keeping it under wraps.

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