All privileged
with your life figured out
Opportunities are there
You get to do anything and go anywhere
Flaunt your college degree
perhaps some scholarship from another country
Still, that’s not good enough
if your heart’s devoid of compassion, empathy, and love
You think you have the ball
but the field consists of many players
Going solo doesn’t make you greater
You don’t always make the call
so stop being dull
This world doesn’t revolve around you
Other people are important too
There’s that pride before the fall
Talking to you feels like facing the wall
Still, you hate to be ignored
but you look down on others
What’s all that for?
So, Mr.Know-It-All
I hope you still have a soul
With all that money and intelligence in your brain,
your rotten attitude towards others makes you an unbearable pain!
(Jakarta, 2/9/2017 – 6:30 am)

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