Over IT…..

Hello again…I just wanted to share some music I enjoy to listen to. They help me take my mind off things. I listen to mostly Kpop which is my favorite genre of music. Fan of BTS!!!

BAP is awesome too. And other kpop groups. 

BAP- Honeymoon

Ed Sheeran- Shape of you 


Vromance- Full of Wonders

The Rose- Sorry


Honesty, what can I do if they remind me of him. I have gotten over him already. If he really did value me, he should have said so earlier. And not have waited….I am not waiting for you anymore. I am not that helpless girl you think I am. Yes, I may be conserved, but I can’t trust anyone until I see their intentions. I do not accept boys easily no matter how hard they might try to get my attention. I am oblivious…. Not ignorant. I give myself my place. I am not going to let myself be played with emotionally. I am done….WITH YOU!!!!!! You are just a distant memory now. GOOD-BYE FOREVERRRR……..

I am proud of myself…. I LET HIM GO….GOOOO…..GOOO

I wasn’t even attached to him, well maybe a little, but not too attached to him. 

Today I had to take a practice state test. It was so stressful, and they are very strict when it comes to just the practice one. The let us out early which was good. I don’t have to stay in school for hours…..

Some things are hard for me to explain talking…..I DO IT BETTER like this. This is my story. I am the only one who can change it. It is my life. Sometimes I question why did I have to go through such violent things when I was a child, but I guess this is what made me more mature. I wished I lived my life like a normal child. I do miss it……

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