10/12/2017: Lost my Shit


I drive to work everyday and I leave my house everyday @ 7:30 am to make it to work by 8:45 am… Yet every morning I manage to be late… I don’t fucking get it. Traffic in Portland is getting worse and worse all the time and I can’t handle it anymore… I was driving this morning and there was just a point that I lost it and I screamed. I didn’t just like grumble scream I legit lost my shit and screamed at the top of my lungs screamed.. I cannot do this drive anymore. It’s so bad that I am to the point of quitting my job just so I don’t have to drive this drive in the morning. 

I know I am ranting and that some people drive longer and farther than I do, but guess what?! I don’t care at this point. Just because you might drive longer and farther do you have to sit in stop traffic? Let me know in the comments and PLEASE tell me how you do it or handle it?! I need some tips before I go full on road rage… 


One thought on “10/12/2017: Lost my Shit”

  1. Hey, try putting on some music our listen to the radio may calm you down. I feel the same way sometimes, but I think that helps me deal with morning traffic..

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