125 – love wins

Feeling a little nostalgic about my childhood. Not something I ever do.  My memories of that time have never been something I looked back on fondly. I don’t know what triggered it.  But I was thinking that we lived a pretty simple life. If not for the dark mark that my father’s alcohol abuse left on those days, I may have always looked back on that time with happiness. But wounds heal. Darkness is replaced by light. And love always wins.

I was thinking about the fresh eggs we got from our own chickens or from local people. I was thinking about all the animals I had. Rabbits, ducks, geese, turtles, a seagull chick we raised. Horses – how lucky was I?? Horses! Every teenage girl’s dream! And the food we ate – fresh fish – dad and brothers are fishermen – so not appreciated at the time!  Sometimes fresh meat from local sources.  The farm fresh produce all around us. I remember drinking raw milk at my great-aunts’ house at Christmas time. They served us the skimmed milk (the cream was probably made into butter) and it was warm.  Awful stuff when you are a kid! They also had homemade popcorn balls in festive cellophane wrappers. And ribbon candy.

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