83. —

Well, I typed out a whole entry, just for it to get deleted. I am no longer as excited to write about how today has gone…. funny how that works. However, it is the point of this journal, to express my self, and let things go. Haha.

I got a promotion with Scioto. Boom, supervisor status is in my grasp now. At the end of this month I’ll be picking up shifts at Longhorn for prepping, if I get full time hours there my financial situation will drastically get better very quickly. No need to complain though, I got all the cell phone thing figured out and paid off. Catching up everything else slowly, the only down fall, is it’s going to be hell trying to get my credit score back up. Sigh, I was doing fantastic with it. Oh well.

I absolutely love American Physco.

3 am, that time to force my self to sleep. I work a split shift tomorrow, plus all night as with the promotion I have 3 more locations to visit. Maybe I’ll just pull an all nighter haha


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